Enhance your customer experience invoicing through ObjectifLune


Enhance your customer experience invoicing

Have you ever considered offering your clients a better customer experience while they pay their bills?

The accounts receivable process at the time of invoicing is often overlooked. Despite its importance, this department is often left several decades behind, as paper and manual tasks are commonplace. New small businesses use on-line billing software to make it easier to adapt to their different customer’s needs. Often, these programs allow for the automation of customer communications (sending invoices, payment reminders, thank you’s …) and give them a more modern look (colors, visuals, web links). In response, larger companies have developed expensive in-house software to meet all these new customer needs.
Well established medium-sized businesses are caught off guard. Despite everything, we often hear that, there is no rush to change anything, after all the bills continue to be paid and the money is still coming in. Yet the impact of your accounts receivable department has on your business is undeniable. Not only is it the department that allows you to get paid and therefore to make money, but it also deals directly with what is most valuable to your business: your customers.
And these clients should always be getting your best, especially at the crucial step of sending invoices and receiving payments. Today you can no longer take customer loyalty for granted, but it can be easily be preserved long-term by offering a quality customer experience.

Here are 4 ways to improve customer experience when your customer pay their invoices.

Let your clients choose their preferred means of communication

Not all customers now want the same thing! Some will always want to receive their bills on paper, others have already gone digital a long time ago. Why not give them the choice? Did you know that by sending an invoice by email, you will reduce the average payment time?

Enhance your invoices by personalizing them

Did you know that transactional messages are 8 times more likely to be opened than other types of communication? Don’t lose this opportunity to connect with your customer. People no longer want to receive endless bills with multiples pages, in black and white, and without any customization. Instead, you should give them value-added content they want to read. Eliminate unnecessary content, add customized marketing messages, praise their loyalty; there are so many possibilities!

Automate your customer communications

It’s important to communicate with your customers throughout the purchase process. For example, you could automate payment reminders 15 days before the deadline, and send this reminder through various communication channels (e-mail, post, SMS …). Most customers would appreciate a reminder that the date is approaching, not just receive a notice from you when the bill is past due.

Simplify your payment methods

Your clients need to manage their businesses. Just like you, their time is precious. Most of them would pay their bills faster if the payment process was simplified. If their invoice is sent via the Web, consider integrating a button that redirects directly to an online payment site. You will save your customer’s time and get paid faster!

Scared to drastically change all the processes you’ve acquired for several years? At Objectif Lune, we advocate a progressive approach. We know that you can’t afford to overhaul all of your systems and processes. With our Accounts Receivable solution, most improvements can be implemented incrementally, with total flexibility.

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