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Print service providers: less work for better results!

Do you want to be able to do less work and achieve better results?

As a print service provider, your role has evolved. Faced with the decline of paper, shrinking margins and fierce competition, you must look for new ways of satisfying your customers while earning sufficient returns. It has become necessary to add new offerings to your catalogue to meet your customers’ needs: digital mailingsadvanced personalization of promotional mailings, etc.

So you should always offer them more. You must support and advise them. You must become indispensable by offering new value-added services.

So what can you do to continue providing a quality service, all while staying profitable?

You need to optimize the time devoted to each customer. That way, you’ll be able to do less work and achieve better results!

Think it’s impossible? Here are a few ways to get there!

Offer your customers multichannel communications without doing the same job twice

When your customers want to send their promotional campaigns through different channels (print, email), you shouldn’t have to redo the work for each channel. Designing your print and email campaigns using the same tool gives you the ability to use and share resources. Whether you design for one medium or another, conditional and non-conditional elements, such as images and text can be shared. This speeds up creation time, and ensures coherence throughout your documents.

Optimize the use of variable data

The use of variable data to personalize each project will save you time.

Let’s imagine one of your customers asks you to print ID cards. Every employee must carry an ID card bearing his or her photo, name, department and signature.

You should be able to automatically take the data from an Excel spreadsheet, get the signatures and photos as a JPG file, merge everything in a credit card-sized format, print the result on a cut-sheet digital coloured printer, and then plasticize the cards. The entire process should be quick and painless. Once the template is done, you can re-print on-demand in minutes. You have an economical means of printing a small number of cards and ensuring a continued revenue with minimal effort.

Say yes to a wide range of data formats

Do your customers show up with a wide variety of data formats?  Do you have to convert files or even find yourself having to ask them to send you their data in a different format because your software is unable to use theirs? What a waste of time!

Stop overcomplicating your life managing data formats that your software can’t read. Use a solution that lets you accept multiple data formats. Formats such as CSV, dBase, XML, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

Think these different solutions are too good to be true? Level up by trying PrintShop Mail Connect free for 30 days. Do less work for better results!

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