SolarWinds IT Management Software Helps Businesses Optimize Performance Through Analysis and Monitoring

SolarWinds offers a robust portfolio of IT management software to help businesses efficiently monitor, analyze, and secure their IT infrastructures. The company’s wide range of solutions can deploy across on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid environments. SolarWinds aims to provide IT professionals with intuitive management tools that ease the operational pressures and complexities they face. And the company continually innovates new tools and services based on customer feedback and requirements.

The IT industry has produced many memorable quotes over the decades. Still, few resonate quite as prophetically as Sun Microsystems Chief Scientist John Gage’s “The network is the computer” declaration of 1984.

That quote began the race to connect computers. Today, the network management discipline within the IT skills spectrum may be less dynamic than it was in the 1980s and 1990s. But SolarWinds recognizes its importance.

SolarWinds has focused on IT infrastructure management software since it was founded in 1999. The firm, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has steadily developed a comprehensive product suite of monitors, analyzers, troubleshooting tools, and secure infrastructure management solutions.

Screenshot of SolarWinds products

SolarWinds offers a suite of software products to help streamline IT management.

Its portfolio enables large and small organizations to manage their IT performance across a range of environments, including cloud, hybrid, or on-premises. And the SolarWinds acquisition of database performance management specialist Vivid Cortex further extended the company’s reach into infrastructure.

SolarWinds now has more than 3,400 employees who serve more than 320,000 customers globally. The company’s value proposition is closely tied to its commitment to engage with IT operations professionals working in all disciplines and sectors. That ensures its solutions development ethos is attuned to its requirements as they evolve.

Recently, SolarWinds announced a wide range of enhancements across much of its IT operations portfolio designed to meet the needs of professionals working in hybrid environments.

“Technology professionals have hard jobs,” said Lee McClendon, SVP, Product, IT Operations Management at SolarWinds. “End-users can be demanding, and businesses need constant access to ever-expansive applications and infrastructure. Performance expectations are high, and the responsibility to deliver on those expectations rests squarely on the shoulders of IT professionals.”

Network Focus Keeps IT Complexity Under Control

The focus on networks dates back to the origins of SolarWinds, according to Lee.

“We started with management products that were very network-focused — because that is usually the first place troubleshooters look when there’s a system performance issue,” he said. “Troubleshooting then moves up to the infrastructure, applications, and database, and you have to look across all of that when pinpointing a problem.”

SolarWinds has grown by expanding to ensure that it troubleshoots across all of those different areas.

Screenshot of SolarWinds IT categories

Customers can choose one solution or leverage a variety of products to meet their needs.

Lee has seen many IT trends come, go, disrupt, and dissolve, and was already a seasoned software engineer when he came to SolarWinds in 2006. But Lee said there’s no question about the technological change that’s had the most significant impact in recent years.

“Without doubt, over the last decade, the biggest shift in IT has been the advent of cloud,” Lee said. “It’s interesting to recall the cloud’s early days when it was new — and still kind of scary. Now it’s mainstream, and it has changed the way we all think about IT at a fundamental level.”

In terms of more general industry change, the escalation in enterprise IT complexity is another significant factor. Many IT teams are expected to do more with less while working within more complex environments.

SolarWinds differentiates on the principle of making things easier for its customers, and its declared objective is to eliminate complexity from IT.

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