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New BarTender® Software for Small Business: Starter Edition

Seagull Scientific releases a complete and fully integrated labeling, barcode and RFID software suite. Seagull Scientific, maker of BarTender software, today announced the release of the BarTender Starter Edition, the newest addition to their product lineup.  Built to help small businesses, the new product is built on the same BarTender technology that the world’s largest and most demanding enterprise environments trust to power their mission-critical labeling. Starter Edition features a straightforward, easy-to-understand way to create labels that include dynamic data sourced from databases like Excel or CSV, making it ideal for brands enrolled...

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RFID for real-time asset tracking in healthcare

HEALTHCARE, MEDICAL DEVICES Healthcare facilities have an equipment problem. In 1995, the average patient had eight medical devices at bedside. With advances in technology, by 2010 that number had grown to 13, and it continues to grow. Caregivers are busy with patients – they don’t have time to catalog and track where expensive patient care and diagnostic assets are in a facility, and often equipment...

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BarTender 2021 Preview 2: your early access to BarTender 2021

We’ve released BarTender 2021 Preview 2, a fully supported version of BarTender that builds on our Preview 1 release, including a redesigned Print Portal and powerful additions to the BarTender suite we’ve designed with your business needs in mind. Secure remote label printing Your BarTender documents can be printed via browser access, from any device or operating system that’s connected to the internet — Windows, Android,...

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Enhance your customer experience invoicing

Have you ever considered offering your clients a better customer experience while they pay their bills? The accounts receivable process at the time of invoicing is often overlooked. Despite its importance, this department is often left several decades behind, as paper and manual tasks are commonplace. New small businesses use on-line billing software to make it easier to adapt to their different customer’s needs. Often,...

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