ManageEngine – ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine – ADAudit Plus

        What is ADAudit Plus?

ADAudit Plus is an online Active Directory change audit system developed by ManageEngine. The tool provides comprehensive reports on changes that happen in your Windows Active Directory. The tool helps your business scrutinize changes in Active Directory, while at the same time ensuring the change is complies with standards that have been set by IT regulatory acts.

The tool provides answers to your most important questions regarding your Active Directory Changes. It allows you to think beyond the built-in but costly and not comprehensive Active Directory tools and scripts

ADAudit Plus provides complete data regarding your Active Directory changes.

Overview of ADAudit Plus Benefits

In real-time, the tool ensures critical resources in your network such as the Domain Controllers are strictly audited, monitored and reported. You can monitor user logon activity on Domain Controllers using pre-configured audit reports and email alerts. The tool’s audit reports will ensure that the administrator learns about the reasons behind users’ logon failures, terminal services activity, login history, and users’ recent logon activities.

SMBs or Large organizations will greatly benefit from industry specific Compliance Acts such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and FISMA. With its Compliance specific pre-configured reports as well as real-time alerts, the application ensures your Windows network is well under 24/7 audit plus periodic security reports as well as email alerts as standard procedure.

You can select from the 200+ pre-configured and schedulable audit reports; do custom reports, create profile based reports, and report findings from archived data for forensics.


Overview of ADAudit Plus Features

  • Active Directory as well as File permission change audit
  • GPO change auditing
  • Security Log & System Events Audit
  • Windows DNS – Schema Auditing
  • Schedule Active Directory change reports
  • Windows Workstations Auditing
  • Windows File Servers Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Local User Logon / Logoff Auditing
  • Active Directory audit reports
  • Account Lockout Analyzer
  • Advanced GPO audit reports
  • Instant Active Directory alerts as well as email notification
  • Reports from Archived Data
  • User management audit reports
  • SOX/HIPAA/PCI-DSS/GLBA Compliance Audit Reports
  • NetApp Filer Auditing
  • File Server Cluster Auditing
  • Windows Member Server Auditing
  • AD new/old attribute changes


What Problems Will ADAudit Plus Solve?

Scenario 1

BSP, Fuji chose ADAudit Plus in order to have a thorough insight on the events in their Windows Server environment. Monitoring their employees’ access to customers confidential data and to meet the various compliance requirements. With ADAudit Plus, BSP can see-through every event happening in their Windows Server and NetApp Filer environment with event specific 150+ reports and instant email alerts on sensitive files / unauthorized access events. Highlights being ADAudit Plus’s web based, cost effective varied auditing solution (Windows Active Directory, File Servers, Servers, Workstations and NetApp Filer.

Scenario 2

In order to become eligible for Meaningful Use reimbursements, Life Management Center had to comply with HIPAA laws, in-depth PEN audit test along with several industry related security audits. ADAudit Plus made it to their final selection among other competitors with the criterion of features+pricing+pass HIPAA laws+ease-of-use. The Compliance specific HIPAA audit reports in ADAudit Plus ensured all required reports in a package. The cost-effective solution helped the non-profit organization to secure their server environment, start auditing instantaneously to meet industry related security audits.

Scenario 3

The mission of Central Bancshares is to be a high performance financial services company that delivers superior service and value to each customer we serve. We will emphasize employee and customer satisfaction – always mindful that quality people will make the Central difference. Central Bank, a 2 billion dollar bank located in Lexington, Ky needed a highly reliable, accurate and in-depth Windows Network auditing and reporting software. With ADAudit Plus, Central Bank, were able to audit and have a commanding view of their AD actions with events tracking and reporting. Various compliances were met by the 150+ preconfigured reports and the ability to export the reports to auditors. Central Bank IT team could now monitor the previously unknown reasons for account lockouts, failed passwords, group creation by admins and created and deleted users, to name a few.

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