Our Eviews Clients

Our Eviews Clients

NGEN IT is most reliable Eviews supplier,  support provider in Asia Pacific countries. In Bangladesh,  NGEN IT has tremendous success with satisfactory clients who continuing both products and services for long time.

We have,  financial institutions, Government Organisations and Academic Institutions and even private sectors.

NGEN IT is Authorized Partner in Bangladesh,  hence you have no issues with any piracy, non-channel products or faruds.

We have experienced product manager who can guide with you right licensing that will help you to avoid wastages of money. Our Support Engineers will make you relaxed with Implementation, Support under local AMC contract.

Here are few Client lists:

  • Bangladesh Bank – Since 2011 ( 40 Licenses)
  • Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management – Since 2014 ( 20 Licences)  – 5 Years Single Agreement with Local AMC
  • Bangladesh Institute of Governance Management – Since 2018 (5 Licences)
  • Consultant House – Since 2014 (10 Licences)
  • Nepal National Bank – Since 2016 ( 20 Licences) – With 5 Years Support Contract
  • Bhutan Institute of Science & Technology – Since 2018 (40 Users)

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